Ruzza/Zottarelli - "Soundcheck" (from "Glasses, No Glasses")

"Soundcheck" This is the first track from 'Glasses, No Glasses,' Amanda Ruzza and Mauricio Zottarelli free improvisation record, featuring special guest Leo Genovese. As the name suggests, this is the actual soundcheck for the recording session, and the first thing the trio ever played together.

In-demand session musicians Amanda Ruzza (bass, effects) and Mauricio Zottarelli (drums, percussion) join forces on this provocative new release: Glasses, No Glasses - a free improvisation, live-in-the-studio recording with special guest, pianist and multi-instrumentalist Léo Genovese. This spontaneous jam in the studio defies all stereotypes while revealing different musical sides of these two Brazilian compatriots and New York City residents. A no-holds-barred effects-laden jam that recalls aspects of P-Funk, Medeski, Martin & Wood and Weather Report, Glasses, No Glasses was recorded in just two days, and without much planning. Initially scheduled as a short video-session to demonstrate a few effect pedals that both Amanda and Léo use regularly, this session/meeting quickly transcended standard musical boundaries. "It's not just music, it's a reflection of our friendship," says Amanda. "I think that's how music comes out in its purest form," adds Mauricio, "when we're just playing for fun with no compromises or preconceptions, just trying to listen to each other and arrive somewhere."

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Recorded at Soundworks Recording Studios, NYC
Kamilo Kratc - Recording Engineer
Sandra Kratc - Camera Operator
Dave Darlington - Mixing and Mastering Engineer
Joseph Eulo - Video Editor

Pimenta Music Productions

Kamilo Kratc:
Audio Recording

Sandra Kratc:
Video Recording