"Live Demo" by Blanca Santería
"Live Demo" by Blanca Santería Demo
"Bandera - Demo" by Bandera
Demo "Bandera - Demo" by Bandera
Yael & Gabriel Quartet Demo
Yael & Gabriel Quartet Demo Demo Yael & Gabriel Quartet Demo Sandra Kratc Video Recording Video Editing Kamilo Kratc Audio Recording
Ali Kramer - "In My Head" & "Different Faces"
The Nose - A Preposterous New Family Musical by Kit Goldstein Grant
Velvet Jubilee - Have You Met Miss Jones
E Glebov. Adagio of the Little Prince and a Rose from The Little Prince ballet.
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, mixing and/ormastering for record albums, singles, demos, voice-overs,videos, live shows, etc... You
Works - Soundworks Recording Studio
, editing, mixing and/or mastering record albums, singles, demos, voice-overs, videos, live shows, etc
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