Archangel In The Snow by Johnny Angel

Published on Mar 26, 2013

Acoustic performance of Archangel In The Snow by Johnny Angel. It was after midnight moonlight on the snow poetic in it's beauty sadness in your soul you asked of the moonlight make this darkness go make my spirit lighter like your light upon the snow angel morning there's a message right outside your door in poetry's emotion only moonlight walked before you thought you were unloved your own thoughts bring you down you sought help above but your answer's on the ground angel no one's touched this ground not a soul around someone's paid a visit just to let you know despair is angel's business archangel in the snow in poetry's emotion archangel in the snow angel

Sandra Kratc:
Video Recording
Video Editing

Kamilo Kratc:
Audio Recording
Audio Mixing

Worked With:
Johnny Angel: Acoustic Guitar, Voice, Producer