The Pedalmaniacs - Pedal Jam #11 - Hip Hopin'

The Pedalmaniacs Hayes Greenfield - alto saxophone and pedals Amanda Ruzza - electric bass and pedals Ignacio Rivas Bixio - drums Follow this channel, Pimenta Music and check out a new chapter of The Pedalmaniacs 'pedal jam' every Tuesday morning! On Chapter 11, Amanda takes a solo using the Envelope Filter and the Octaver, while Ignacio lays some hip hop grooves and Hayes plays "synth chords" on the saxophone. ----- The Pedalmaniacs are three friends who got together to jam at a studio in New York on a cold winter afternoon. The result is this Web Series. There were no rehearsals, arrangements, overdubs, post edits or 'ProTolls magic;' everything happened right there, at that moment. Groove, pedals and fun! ------ Recorded at Soundworks Recording Studios in Queens, NY Kamilo Kratc - Recording Engineer Sandra Kratc - Camera Operator Luis Bacque - Mixing Engineer Joseph Eulo - Video Editor ------- Pimenta Music Productions

Sandra Kratc
Video Recording

Kamilo Kratc
Audio Recording

Worked With:
Hayes Greenfield: Alto Saxophone, Effect Pedals
Amanda Ruzza: Electric Bass, Effect Pedals
Ignacio Rivas Bixio: Acoustic Drumset