Musica Sacra

That insignificance when the music that reaches us feels bigger than the Universe and smaller than the Microcosmos.

Words cannot describe it.

The notes on the staves in the page cannot interpret it. 

The eyes of the musician cannot see it. 

The fingers on the ivories cannot touch it. 

The actions of hundreds of mechanical pieces in the piano cannot make it move.

The approaches of the hammers cannot strike it. 

The vibrations in the strings cannot pull it. 

The air pressure waves traveling to the microphones cannot push it.  

The voltage variations flowing from the microphones through the copper cables to the preamps cannot shock it.

The ninety six thousand groups of twenty four zeroes and ones cannot count it each second into the hard disk drive.

The waveforms on the screen cannot draw it. 

The soul experiencing it in the body can feel it. 

Now. Here.

Musica Sacra

Musica Sacra